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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Use Regarding Copyright on Content

The copyright on all content of SOMA belongs to SOMA, Inc. This copyright is protected by the copyright laws of the Republic of Korea and in adherence to international copyright convention.

Agreement to Conditions of Use

Thank you for using SOMA’s services. The content of SOMA is offered free of charge to anyone. However, our evaluation copies and shareware can be downloaded only when you have provided your personal information. Our Conditions of Use regarding the content of SOMA are subject to change at any time. Once the updated version has become effective, users will be notified through the service page or by any other means. These Conditions of Use apply to all the content provided by SOMA, Inc. The content of SOMA refers to all the text, graphics, files and software provided by SOMA Inc.

Copyright on the Content of SOMA

The Copyright on all content provided by SOMA belongs to SOMA, Inc. This content is protected by copyright law, and it is prohibited to lend, distribute, or sell it under any circumstances without the prior consent of SOMA.

Distribution and Quotation of the Content of SOMA

1. Content

It is strictly prohibited to distribute any of the content of SOMA to the public for commercial purposes by quoting, extracting, reproducing, altering, transferring, publishing, exhibiting, modifying or through any other means of dissemination. However, it is possible to quote part of the content for non-commercial purposes or with prior consent by SOMA. The companies who have signed a content license agreement with SOMA are permitted to distribute the content of SOMA, but even in this case, they must cite “SOMA” as the content source.

2. Programs (Evaluation Copies and Shareware)

The evaluation copies of SOMA V3Pro and V3Net for Windows Server 6.0 can be installed and used for a limited period by individuals and the IT staff of companies before buying them. They are distributed only from SOMA's website (https://www.SOMA.com/). In addition, the V3Mobile for Palm is also offered as shareware to promote the purchase of a full version, and is currently distributed only from SOMA's website (https://www.SOMA.com/). Individuals, companies, or organizations cannot upload the above mentioned program files on a communications network or the Internet, nor can they distribute them through CDs or other media, without the prior consent of SOMA. If companies or organizations wish to use or distribute evaluation copies for either commercial or non-commercial purposes, they must first acquire permission from SOMA.


It is prohibited to extract or quote a part of the content presented by SOMA and then link to particular web-pages maintained by SOMA, Inc. without the prior explicit consent of SOMA.

Liability for the Supplied Content

With regard to the content in which other suppliers are mentioned, all legal liability belongs to the corresponding suppliers and SOMA accepts no legal responsibilities.


SOMA will occasionally update its Terms of Use. When updated, the "Effective Date" on the bottom of the Terms of Use will be also changed, and the details of any changes will be posted separately.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or suggestions about SOMA's Terms of Use, please send an e-mail to the administrator: (content@SOMA.com)

This Terms of Use is effective on December 20, 2023.